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Centre Square Youth Theatre Performance Classes offer students the opportunity to audition, rehearse, and perform in a quality theatrical production within the context of a fun and supportive learning environment.


A Suessified Christmas Carol Cast List:


Narrator 1:                        Amelia Mattingly

Narrator 2:                        Chloe Baker

The Scrooge:                     Lynn D Farris

Bob Crachit:                      Noah Knopp

Bed Headed Fred:           Owen Wright

Solicitor 1:                         Zoey Clark

Solicitor 2:                         Josie Blair

Christmas Past:               Carlie Hill

Young Scrooge:                Gabriel Newton

Belle:                                   Annabelle Knopp

Belle’s Husband:              Noah Hill

Christmas Present:         Savannah Campbell

Mrs. Crachit:                     Emma Blandford

Cindy Lou Who:                Stella Clark

Fred’s Wife:                       Mary Katherine Curtsinger

Christmas Present
Sven:                                   Noah Hill

Boy:                                     Myles Tungate

Maid:                                  Addisyn Morgan

Fezziwig:                            Noah Knopp

Voice #1:                            Zoey Clark

Voice #2:                            Isabella Turner

Voice #3:                            Gabriel Newton

Voice #4:                            Ashlynn Wheatley 

Young Fan:                        Hannah Cropper

Undertaker 1:                   Isabella Turner

Undertaker 2:                   Addisyn Morgan

Jacob Marley:                    Jaelyn Greenwell



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